Light it Up is a project led by The Eau Claire Noon Rotary Club and Downtown Eau Claire, Inc. with help from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, to place decorative lighting on Eau Claire’s 526 foot Phoenix Park footbridge.


  • It’s a fun, positive, and unique gift to the community.

  • It will attract people to the park in all seasons, whether they are local residents or visitors.

  • It will enhance quality of life and tourism opportunities.

  • It will provide safer lighting at night.

  • It will promote use and appreciation for our waterways noted importance in ‘The Good Life Study”.

  • It will cement the idea that Eau Claire is the ‘city of bridges’.

  • It continues the momentum of community collaboration.


Up to 500 high-efficient LED lights will be placed on the bridge, painted to blend into the structure. The fixtures will be aimed directly at the beams, ensuring the highest reduction of light pollution. The beautiful, iconic structure of the bridge will be enhanced with color/slowly transitioning colors beginning at dusk each night.

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At scheduled times there will be brief light
'shows' for people to watch. Also having the
capability to 'dance' to music for
special events or via radio.

* This is a visual representation only.


Rotary club members are seeking donations from corporate sponsors and individuals. Visit Eau Claire supports the project, potentially in the form of a destination development grant. Other grants and gifts.

Groups did not request any money from the City of Eau Claire in seeking approval.